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We would like to inform you, that due to the coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19), our drivers wear a protective mask and disposable gloves. We offer to every passenger sanitizer to ensure high hygiene standards.

Our VANs before every transfer are thoroughly disinfected, paying attention to every detail (steering wheel, dashboard, armrests, console, seat adjusters, shifter, ventilation grilles, knobs, cup holders, doors, handles, and more), according to the latest safety directions set by the World Health Organization.

We use alcohol solutions (Isopropyl alcohol) that contain at least 70% alcohol and a combination of soap and water (for leather surfaces). All solutions are approved for effective sanitation against against coronavirus COVID-19, according to the CDC.

Our concern is the SAFETY of the passengers



Excursion with comfort, safety & consistency
Excursion with comfort, safety & consistencyVAN Transportation
Excursion with luxurious VAN
Excursion with luxurious VANVAN Transportation

Excursion / Transfer to Marathon - Temple of Artemis

The Marathon excursion / tour is always a good idea, a getaway to a nearby destination within Attica About 45 kilometers from the center of Athens, in the northeast part of Attica, the historic Marathon municipality is a good choice for a nearby and pleasant excursion.

The reference point here is the Marathon Tomb below which are the bones of the soldiers who fell at the time of the battle against the Persians. Nearby is the quiet Marathon beach with its shallow water and picturesque taverns.

In the area there is also an Archaeological Museum where visitors can admire part of the Trophy of the Battle of Marathon, pottery from the Neolithic era as well as some of the first Cycladic pottery of the Geometric and Classical times.

Another marathon attraction is the homonymous artificial lake of 2,450 acres, which is among the 10 most important wetlands of Attica, as well as the dam of 54 meters high and 285 meters long enclosing Marathon Lake.

Vravrona is an important archaeological site of Attica, known for the temple of Artemis. The temple is of a Doric style in an imposing position on the ground with an arcade embracing its courtyard and dedicated to the goddess Artemis.



Contact us if you would like to combine other sites with this excursion.

Our drivers are professionals with extensive driving experience to make your transportation safe and responsive. All safety rules are followed as far as seat belts are concerned and child safety seats if required.

We pay particular attention to safety and consistency but at the same time to luxurious travel to and from the point you have chosen.





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